Food Vendor Application


NE 6th Street & 106th Ave NE



Fair Dates & Hours

Friday, July 28 - 10am - 8pm

Saturday, July 29 - 10am - 8pm

Sunday, July 30 - 10am - 6pm

Booth & Fees

The 6th Street Fair is booth-fee only, no commission is due. All booth spaces are 10’x10’ and available for $1,300. Vendors will be required to pay for additional electrical and BBQ spaces. All booths are outdoors. Vendors must supply their booth materials, tables and signage.

Booth fees are as follows:
10’ x 10’ booth = $1,300
BBQ space = $200 (additional)
Additional Electricity = $200 (please see guidelines for details)

Pay your booth fee!

10’ x 10’ food vendor booth = $1,300
10’ x 20’ food vendor booth = $2,600

2017 Food Vendor Guide

Food Booth Rules and Requirements

  • All concessions must comply with Seattle/King County Department of Public Health and City of Bellevue regulations for temporary outdoor food service. You are required to provide us with a copy of your Temporary Food Service Application on or before June 16, 2017.
  • Participating vendors are required to obtain an insurance rider ($500,000 coverage minimum) naming the Bellevue Downtown Association as an additional insured. You are required to provide us with a certificate of insurance by June 16, 2017.
  • 6th Street Fair vendors are required to provide all booth structures, counters, cash registers, extension cords, hoses, etc.
  • The 6th Street Fair management requires that all food vendors use a standard white easy‐up tent. You may apply for an exception to this rule by sending in a photo/slide of proposed booth display during the application process. Each booth must be set‐up within the designated space parameters and within the designated time frame.
  • Please note that electricity is available but is extremely limited and must be requested in advance. Your booth fee includes two (2) 20‐amp 120‐volt circuits. Once your power requests are arranged, an outlet will be available within 100 feet of your booth space. Additional fees will apply if power needs are greater than what is offered.
  • Water is accessible to all food concessions.
  • Vendors are responsible for keeping their booth area clean and free of debris. A tarp must be laid down on floor surface protecting parking lot from any grease stains or other markings. You are responsible for providing your own 30‐gallon garbage containers and disposing of all garbage into the dumpsters. Recycling is available for aluminum cans, plastic bottles, newsprint and flattened cardboard. Glass containers are NOT allowed.
  • Prior to the event, vendors must obtain approval by the 6th Street Fair management for signage involved in a concession. No handmade signs will be allowed.
  • Distribution of flyers, literature, balloons, coupons or other materials is not permitted without advance approval.
  • Food vendors participating in the 6th Street Fair are provided with volunteer assistance during the load‐in and load‐out process. Please note booth assignments, as well as a detailed map and information about set‐up, takedown, and parking will be mailed to participating vendors at least two weeks prior to the start of the 6th Street Fair.
  • Customer seating areas will be provided at or near the food court area. A portion of your booth fee is applied toward rental tables and chairs, as well as garbage and cleanup service in these areas.

Fire Department Requirements
The City of Bellevue Fire Department has guidelines for participants of the 6th Street Fair. To aid in planning, the following are just a few of the Fire Department’s requirements for 6th Street Fair vendors:

  • A 40B:C fire extinguisher is required for cooking and/or warming facilities and must be present at each booth location for the duration of the 6th Street Fair. Booths without a fire extinguisher will be levied a fine or closed until an extinguisher is obtained.
  • Extension cords must be UL approved for outdoor use and shall service one appliance or one approved multi‐plug power strip. All cords should be protected from traffic areas.
  • Multi‐plug adapters must be UL approved and have a current electrical safety device. Cube adapters and other devices that increase outlets are not acceptable unless equipped with an internal circuit breaker. All spliced wires are prohibited.

Overnight security is provided for the general 6th Street Fair site. On and off‐duty police are also stationed in downtown Bellevue to monitor the 6th Street Fair site and surrounding area. However, 6th Street Fair management encourages vendors to take precautions to protect yourself and your items. We encourage vendors to cover and enclose booth spaces each night. The 6th Street Fair/BDA is not responsible for lost or stolen items.


2017 6th Street Fair Timeline

April 28

May 5

May 12

MAY 19


June 16


June 16


JULY 28–30


Selection PROCESS


Accepted vendor checks deposited

Health permits & insurance due to BDA office



Vendor set-up

- FRIDAY & SATURDAY 10AM‐           8PM