10:30am - Noon: Tracy Moore

12:30pm - 2pm: Fysah

2:30pm - 4pm: Aaron English 

4:30pm - 6pm: Tekla Waterfield

6:30pm - 8pm: Jaspar Lepak

Friday, July 28

Saturday, July 29


10:30am - Noon: Brendan Wires

12:30pm - 2pm: Brian Butler

2:30pm - 4pm: Bradford Loomis

4:30pm - 6pm: Stickshift Annie with Kimball and the Fugitives

6:30pm - 8pm: Adrian Xavier

Sunday, July 30


10:30am - Noon: Branko Cumic

12:30pm - 2pm: Larry Murante

2:30pm - 4pm: The Winterlings

4:30pm - 5:30pm: New Age Flamenco